Saturday, March 22, 2014

Think Spring!

We are welcoming Spring here at The Gift Shop. Its been a long Winter... time to think bright, light, fresh, and cheerful!

Just by walking into The Gift Shop you will feel your spirit lift. Our Spring and Summer themed art and gifts will get you in the mood. Get something bright and light for yourself, or someone else. Pick out a colorful and fresh new decoration for your home.

And now more of: Meet the Artists

Connie Sochacki  (SOCH)

                                                              Jill Modena  (MOD)

                                                                Cheryl English  (CME)

                                                             Natalie Ludwig  (LUD)

The letters in the parentheses are the artist's code. You will find that code on the tag for each work.

Come on in and enjoy our Spring with us.

* Next Saturday, March 29, "Michigan Questers" Pottery Luncheon will include a 15% off coupon for The Gift Shop. Buy a ticket, see the fabulous decorated tables, have a great lunch, and support this philanthropic group.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hand-crafted Earrings at The Gift Shop

Brighten up these lingering winter days for yourself or someone else, with a little bit of "Ear Candy". Few things can make a person feel so special as a beautiful, or fun pair of earrings. Here at The Gift Shop, the selection of earrings is as varied as it is with all our hand-crafted jewelry.

Bold to delicate, classic to colorful, precious metals to natural elements, gemstones, beads, polymer or ceramic clay, even those hard to find clip-on earrings. You really have to see them to appreciate the choices available.

Come on in to our warm and bright Gift Shop and see for yourself! Now...more of:

                                                                Meet the Artists

                                                             Tammy Graham  (GRA)

Gail Sondej  (SON)

     Esther Schuldt  (SCHU)

 Nancy Garcia  (GAR)

The letters in parentheses show the code for the individual artist. Now you know who does what!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Unique hand-crafted bracelets at The Gift Shop

Get ready for baubles, bangles, and beads!

Here at The Gift Shop bracelets are just fabulous. Each is hand-crafted by our talented jewelry artists. Many will match necklaces / earrings that you will find here. Some already come in sets with necklace / earrings.
Looking for something classic, eclectic, colorful, bold, or delicate...its here at The Gift Shop.

Come in and take a look...and while here, check out the outstanding artwork from Macomb County's most talented young people. The  Macomb County Annual Secondary Student Show is at The Anton Art Center March 3-30.

Now its time for more... Meet the Artists

         Barbara Tobin  (TOB)

    Carrie Kaminski  (KAM)

      Sara Perron  (PERR)

 Jeanne Krause  (KRAU)

Just look for the artist's code, in parentheses, and you will know who created what.

Tune-in next time for more Gift Shop News, and more of Meet the Artists.