Monday, November 30, 2015

Be "WOWed" at Christmas Market 2015..."Happy Holly Days".

Every Christmas Market we have what we call a "WOW" corner. It always highlights some very special art work. This year "Happy Holly Days" has a magnificent replica of the Eiffel Tower as a centerpiece,

surrounded by tastefully arranged art works to complete the corner. There are beautifully turned wooden pieces, Art dolls, sparkling glass, unique wall art, decorated gourds, jewelry, and much more.

 Each piece is special, and each piece helps to make this year's "WOW" corner worth seeing.
Of course there are "WOW" moments everywhere you look as you stroll through "Happy Holly Days". Come in soon and experience it for yourself.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Market 2015 is for kids.

A favorite part of  Christmas Market  is always the "Children's Area". This year's Christmas Market: "Happy Holly Days" is no exception.

We have a Christmas tree filled with fun and colorful ornaments, "monster" night-lights, and Kid Soap with toys inside. There are adorable stuffed animals, special kid-themed lamps, puzzles, and necklaces sporting tiny stuffed animals. Even the wall art is extra bright and imaginative.

New for this year are adorable "Tooth Fairies" each with a tiny pocket for a lost baby tooth!  

There are hand knitted hats, scarves, baby buntings, and headbands made just for infants, and young children.

We haven't forgotten your furry kids, because 
there are hand-made dog coats, bowls, and special
knitted holiday pet collars just for them. Even some pet-themed ornaments!

Just look at this great, imaginative sculpture! I'm sure you know a child who would love this in their room!

Also new this year are very cool capes with matching masks for your own super hero!

You have probably guessed by now that not only is the "Children's Area" a favorite spot for shoppers, it's one of my favorite spots too!

Come in soon to Christmas Market 2015... "Happy Holly Days".
See all our wonderful, unique hand-crafted gifts, and get in the spirit with our holiday decorations....and don't forget to see the really impressive one-man show in our 2nd floor Community Gallery: Jim Pujdowski. exhibition of paintings,drawings, and watercolors.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas Market 2015..."Happy Holly Days" is open!

It's been alot of hard work, but Christmas Market 2015..."Happy Holly Days" is finally here, and in full swing!
We welcome new artists, as well as our returning artists. It is going to be a great Market this year. Don't miss this unique, premier shopping experience. Bring your friends, bring your neighbors, bring your family, and by all means, shop here yourself!


The entire first floor of Anton Art Center is devoted to "Happy Holly Days". We have whole rooms full of jewelry, pottery, Christmas, wearable art, and even a pantry full of jams, candy, and lots more yummies. You will also find hand-made cards, books, toys, art dolls, and walls hung with wonderful artwork of all kinds.
Come and be dazzled by our beautiful holiday decorations, and unique gift selections. It is truly a "Christmas Wonderland"!

And if all that isn't enough, upstairs in the Community Gallery is a one-man show with the work of
Jim Pujdowski. : An Exhibition of paintings, drawings, and watercolors.

P.S. The Art Center is open each Sunday throughout Christmas Market: noon to 4 pm.