Monday, July 28, 2014

New at The Gift Shop

We are always getting new art and gift items here at The Gift Shop. New artists, new work from our current artists, and fresh new displays.
The latest new artist is Tom Need. He has created great-looking and functional Oriole bird feeders. Orioles are attracted to the color orange, and they love grape jelly. Just fill the glass cup with grape jelly, and watch for Orioles.

Tom Need  (NEED)

Gail Sondej is one of our most popular jewelry artists. She makes lovely pins from ribbon. Her latest offerings are in soft pastels and summer-bright colors. Aren't they pretty?

Gail Sondej  (SON)

Now it's time for more of ...Meet the Artists

Anastasia Chamiok  (CHAM)

Michael Bowman  (BOWM)

Catherine Firbach  (FIR)

Irma Reinboth  (REI)

The letters in parentheses are each artists' code. Find the code, and you will know which artist created what.
Come in soon and see our great selection.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cards can become framed art

Wall art can be very subjective, especially when you are thinking about the size of a piece. Maybe you can start small.
Here at The Gift Shop we have cards created by our talented artists that are suitable for framing. Tuck one into a space too small for a painting or print, hang several and create a motif, open yourself to the possibilities!

Here is a great example of a frame-worthy card from Winnie Chrzanowski  (CHRZ).

Come in and be inspired.

Now it's time for................ Meet the Artists (with an emphasis on cards as frame-worthy art)

Diane Bowman  (BOW)

Jaqueline Brooks  (BROO)

Pat Everet  (EV)

Gloria Goeddeke  (GOE)

The letters in parentheses indicate each artists' code. Find the code on the piece, and you will know which artists has created it.

See you soon.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Unique and fun gifts for kids

Have you heard the phrase "everyday is kid's day"? Well, here at The Gift Shop that is certainly true.
We have hand-made stuffed animals, puppets, original children's story books, special soap with a toy inside, fun decorations for a kid's room, even jewelry that is kid-sized.

Above and below are two sides of a wonderful piece of art depicting Alice's journey to Wonderland
by our own art doll creator, Connie Sochacki  (SOCH).

While your children are at Anton Art Center for our special "Summer Camp", or bringing your them to classes designed for children / teens, take a look at our unique, hand-crafted gifts.

Now its time for ......... Meet the Artists (with an emphasis on children's gifts)

Maggi Gawel  (GAW)

Carol Munro (MUNR)

Mary Taros  (TAR)

Nancy Young  (YOU)
The letters in parentheses show the code for each artist. Find the code, and you will know who created what.

Stop in and see us soon.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Art at The Gift Shop

Summer is in full swing! Hopefully you can spend time outside enjoying this great weather.
Here at The Gift Shop we have goodies for all your living spaces, indoors and out. Lovely wall art that reflects the wonders of the garden,

brilliant hand-painted tile coasters for that cool drink on the patio.

For the garden we have beautiful cement leaves, mini birdbaths, and even toad houses to decorate that outdoor space.

Come in and visit with us. You will surely be inspired, and delighted.

Now it's time for .... Meet the Artists.

Kimberly Kirkpatrick  (KIRK)

Gregory Towne  (TOW)

Ron Cracchiolo  (CRAC)

May Prescott  (PRES)

Remember, the letters in parentheses are the codes for each artists. Find the code in the artwork and you will know who the artist is.
See you soon!