Monday, December 21, 2015

Last days for Christmas Market 2015

Christmas Market 2015..."Happy Holly Days" is almost over, but you still have time to see our festive displays, and shop for unique gifts crafted by Michigan artists.

We have whole rooms devoted to:
Christmas gifts and decor
Jewelry in every color, style, and price range.

Pantry goodies, including candy jams, serving dishes, cutting boards, and more!

Fiber room full of hats, scarfs, bags, jackets, and purses.

Cards, books, journals, fridge magnets, and bookmarks.

Pottery, from decorative to functional.
...and throughout the Market you will find glass, children's gifts, wood, and fabulous wall art.

"Happy Holly Days" closes at 5pm on Wednesday, Dec. 23.

                 Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to all! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Clay, Wood, and Glass at "Happy Holly Days"

Let's talk about clay, wood, and glass. What is it about these mediums that we are so drawn to them, especially when they have been used to create art? I think it is because they are each so organic, so elemental.

Here at "Happy Holly Days" we have some really exciting works created from clay, wood and glass.

We have an entire room devoted to pottery. There are beautifully glazed bowls, dishes, cups, service-ware, and vases.

The colors, and variety are seemingly endless. All the work is so tastefully displayed, your design 
choices are made for you!

Our wood artists are  very clever at bringing out the beauty in the grain, color, and texture from each piece.

  Some are purely decorative, while others are very functional.

Our glass selection is so beautiful. Whether a piece is glowing in a window, or sparkling on a shelf, you just know how special it is.

I have highlighted clay, wood, and glass...but we have other "organic" works of art. Lovely polished and beaded gourds, hand-woven baskets, twig furniture, and wonderful mosaics created with natural materials. 

The last day of shopping at "Happy Holly Days" is December 23. Come in now and experience our unique gifts, and festive atmosphere.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Find "Garden Art" at "Happy Holly Days"

If you are a gardener, or you have a gardener or two on your gift list, then you must come to Christmas Market 2015... "Happy Holly Days". Here you will find some of the most unique and fun garden "toys" around.
In our Pottery Room you will find bird houses made of clay, stone and
wood, and even some made to look like old-fashioned trailers!

You will also see Fairy doors, toad houses, ladybug stones, and ceramic birdbaths.

We have nature prints, and paintings, lovely glass wind-chimes, and flower wall art galore.

Birds are a favorite with gardeners, and we have some of the sweet bird "portraits" to choose from.
Very popular (and colorful) are beautiful glass and ceramic garden art set on copper stakes.

See all this and more at Christmas Market 2015, "Happy Holly Days". Come in soon.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Be "WOWed" at Christmas Market 2015..."Happy Holly Days".

Every Christmas Market we have what we call a "WOW" corner. It always highlights some very special art work. This year "Happy Holly Days" has a magnificent replica of the Eiffel Tower as a centerpiece,

surrounded by tastefully arranged art works to complete the corner. There are beautifully turned wooden pieces, Art dolls, sparkling glass, unique wall art, decorated gourds, jewelry, and much more.

 Each piece is special, and each piece helps to make this year's "WOW" corner worth seeing.
Of course there are "WOW" moments everywhere you look as you stroll through "Happy Holly Days". Come in soon and experience it for yourself.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Market 2015 is for kids.

A favorite part of  Christmas Market  is always the "Children's Area". This year's Christmas Market: "Happy Holly Days" is no exception.

We have a Christmas tree filled with fun and colorful ornaments, "monster" night-lights, and Kid Soap with toys inside. There are adorable stuffed animals, special kid-themed lamps, puzzles, and necklaces sporting tiny stuffed animals. Even the wall art is extra bright and imaginative.

New for this year are adorable "Tooth Fairies" each with a tiny pocket for a lost baby tooth!  

There are hand knitted hats, scarves, baby buntings, and headbands made just for infants, and young children.

We haven't forgotten your furry kids, because 
there are hand-made dog coats, bowls, and special
knitted holiday pet collars just for them. Even some pet-themed ornaments!

Just look at this great, imaginative sculpture! I'm sure you know a child who would love this in their room!

Also new this year are very cool capes with matching masks for your own super hero!

You have probably guessed by now that not only is the "Children's Area" a favorite spot for shoppers, it's one of my favorite spots too!

Come in soon to Christmas Market 2015... "Happy Holly Days".
See all our wonderful, unique hand-crafted gifts, and get in the spirit with our holiday decorations....and don't forget to see the really impressive one-man show in our 2nd floor Community Gallery: Jim Pujdowski. exhibition of paintings,drawings, and watercolors.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas Market 2015..."Happy Holly Days" is open!

It's been alot of hard work, but Christmas Market 2015..."Happy Holly Days" is finally here, and in full swing!
We welcome new artists, as well as our returning artists. It is going to be a great Market this year. Don't miss this unique, premier shopping experience. Bring your friends, bring your neighbors, bring your family, and by all means, shop here yourself!


The entire first floor of Anton Art Center is devoted to "Happy Holly Days". We have whole rooms full of jewelry, pottery, Christmas, wearable art, and even a pantry full of jams, candy, and lots more yummies. You will also find hand-made cards, books, toys, art dolls, and walls hung with wonderful artwork of all kinds.
Come and be dazzled by our beautiful holiday decorations, and unique gift selections. It is truly a "Christmas Wonderland"!

And if all that isn't enough, upstairs in the Community Gallery is a one-man show with the work of
Jim Pujdowski. : An Exhibition of paintings, drawings, and watercolors.

P.S. The Art Center is open each Sunday throughout Christmas Market: noon to 4 pm.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Last week for The Gift Shop

This is your last week to shop!
On Friday, Oct. 16 we will begin dismantling The Gift Shop to make way for Christmas Market to the public Nov. 13, 2015.
There is still time to check-out all the art, and gift selections: from jewelry, glass, pottery, wood, art dolls, purses, scarves, hand-made cards, and books; to 2D art of every kind: oils, watercolor, encaustic, collage, mosaic, photography, and prints!

In addition, we have individually decorated pumpkins ,created during our "Night of 100 Pumpkins" event in August, on sale for discounted prices!

Come in now to see The Gift Shop before it closes for the season. Also in their last week are the current exhibits at Anton Art Center. "Real Paint", and "Sapphire Show".

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Gift Shop has Crafted Wood Art

Wood is one of those mediums that is so compelling in art because it is so organic. Whether it is carved and smoothed to a glossy finish, skillfully crafted into sculptures, or fashioned so that part of its natural state is highlighted, it is always familiar and beautiful at the same time.
Here at The Gift Shop we have some wonderful examples of the art of wood-crafting from Greg Broka, Greg Towne, and Ron Cracchiolo.

Our first example comes from Gregory Broka, with a lovely bowl. Gregory has quite an eye for choosing wood and allowing the grain to shine through. Other works include Gregory's skill at keeping the natural bark and knots  from the wood within each piece.

Gregory Broka (BROK)
Next is the work of Greg Towne. This bowl shows off is skill in creating a latticework of different woods within one piece. Greg also creates matching salt and pepper mills, vases, and clever puzzle pieces.

Greg Towne (TOW)

Ron Cracchiolo is a master at carving and painting fishing lures. He also carves delicate insect pins, dangling dragonflies, and bottlestoppers that look like fish!

Ron Cracchiolo (CRACC)
(Remember, the letters in parentheses after each artist's name show their code. When you see that code on work in The Gift Shop, you will know who created it.)

Come in to see these works and more from our featured artists.

Be sure to see the current shows on exhibit here at Anton Art Center: "Real Paint"  is an invitational show featured in the main galleries. "Sapphire Show" a juried show with works from artists of the Mount Clemens Art Association, Lakeside Palette Club, and Warren Tri-County Fine Arts on display in our Community Gallery.

Monday, September 14, 2015

ArtParty is coming!

August 1st., Anton Art Center hosted  "Night of 100 Pumpkins" . The participants were invited to decorate glass pumpkins to sell at ArtParty as part of the fundraising. The theme of ArtParty this year is "Celebrate Fall", so pumpkins are a perfect fit.
Everyone who came had a great time, and the results are just wonderful! The pumpkins are as varied as their creators. Paints, decoupage, sequins, feathers, leaves, birds, fall and Halloween themes, are just some of the techniques used by the artists.

There are three sizes: large $20, medium $18, and small  $15.

You can purchase them at ArtParty, or get one now on display at The Gift Shop.

Come "Party to support the Arts" and "Celebrate Fall" with us on September 17!

Monday, August 31, 2015

We have gone to the Dogs....and Cats

We are coming to the end of  the "Dog-Days" of Summer, but here at The Gift Shop our dog...and cat days run from January to November! Whether you are smitten with your own companion animal(s), or you know someone who is, pet themed art is always popular, and we have wall art, cards, a book, even soap with that in mind.
Our pet loving artists include: Winnie Chrzanowski, Carol Munro, Catherine Firmbach, and Nancy Garcia.

Here is a great photograph from Winnie Chzanowski.
Winnie Chrzanowski (CHRZ)
Winnie has also created a series of photo-magnets entitled "Cat's Eyes".

Winnie Chrzanowski (CHRZ)
Catherine Firmbach has created cards featuring cats and kittens. Here is an example:
Catherine Firmbach (FIR)
Carol Munro has published an enchanting childrens' book entitled: "Butterfly Ears", and we have copies here at The Gift Shop.
Carol Munro (MUN)
We even carry soap just for kids with collectible pets, bugs, dinosaurs, and wild animals inside!
Nancy Garcia (GAR)

(Remember, the letters in parentheses after each artist's name show their code. When you see that code on work in The Gift Shop, you will know who created it.)

Come in to see these works and more at The Gift Shop.
The current exhibit here at Anton Art Center "Emerging Artists 2015" is well worth seeing. Don't miss it!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ceramic Art to fit every need

Here at The Gift Shop ceramic art has always been a mainstay. In fact some of our ceramic artists have actually taken, or taught ceramic/clay classes at Anton Art Center.
The styles offered run the gamut from functional to decorative. Varieties of color, size, and finish are all represented by today's featured artists: Lynn Viglione, Linda Kaluza, Harold Swanson, Darlene Bosman, and Cheryl English.

This first piece is purely artistic in my view. Created by artist Lynn Viglione, she calls it "I want an Angel Dancer for Christmas".
Lynn Viglione (VIG)

Next is a ceramic owl that is just for fun from artist Linda Kaluza.
Linda Kaluza (KAL)

These lovely, yet functional  pieces were made by Harold Swan. The glazes he has chosen are just beautiful.
Harold Swanson (SWAN)

Next is an iconic Michigan plates set created by ceramic artist Darlene Bosman (BOS).
Darlene Bosman (BOS).

Now we come to a very well known ceramic artist Cheryl English. This colorful star bowl is not only functional, beautiful.
Cheryl English (ENG)
(Remember, the letters in parentheses after each artist's name show their code. When you see that code on work in The Gift Shop, you will know who created it.)

Come in soon to The Gift Shop to see these works and more.
Don't miss the current exhibits in the Anton Art Center galleries. This is the last week to see "Members Only: 45th Anniversary Show"  (it closes on August 29),  "Emerging Artists 2015".