Monday, April 14, 2014

Hand-Crafted Easter Gifts.

Easter is almost here!
Need a one of a kind centerpiece for your holiday table? Maybe you would like to add a bar of soap that has a toy inside to the kids' Easter baskets. How about a bright flower pin, a pretty bracelet, or a lovely work of art for your hostess? You can find all that and more here at The Gift Shop.

Now, more of: Meet the Artists

Mary Taros  (TAR)

Nancy Garcia  (GAR)

Daren Dundee  (DUN)

Nancy Young  (YOU)

We hope to see you soon.
When you visit The Gift Shop, be sure to check out the  Macomb County K-6 Student Show 2014.
Wonderful work by our own talented primary school children.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Bright, Light, Colorful Spring gift giving.

Bright is the mood here at The Gift Shop. The walls are bright, the art is bright, our smiles are bright!
We are all so glad winter is past us. Now its time to lift our spirits.
Here at The Gift Shop we have so many wonderful choices in art and gifts to bring bright, light, colorful Spring into your life, or someone special to you.

The West wall features some of our talented 2D artists. 

Come in and see for yourself.

Now for more of...                                      Meet the Artists  

Mary Tassone  (TASS)

Marilyn Thomas  (THOM)

Winnie Chzanowski  (CHRZ)

David Dinsdale  (DINS)

(The letters in parentheses are the artist's code. It lets you know who does what)

See what I mean about bright, light, colorful Spring!