Monday, February 23, 2015

Still more new artists at The Gift Shop

This week I'm going to highlight three more artists who joined The Gift Shop from Christmas Market 2014.... Michelle Sapp, Martha Millis, and Angela Dockter.

Michelle Sapp is a talented jewelry designer. She also makes wonderful art dolls. One is pictured below. Her jewelry and dolls are available in The Gift Shop.

Michelle Sapp (SAPP)

Martha Millis is one of our new glass artists. Just have a look at her set of  bright, coasters.

Martha Millis (MILLI)

Angela Dockter makes these adorable finger puppets, with many more to choose from in The Gift Shop. So cute!

Angela Dockter (DOC)

Remember, the letters in parentheses are the artists' code. Find the code on a piece of work, and you will know who created it. We even have a "Gift Shop Artist Info Book" with bios and information about their art, that also includes each artist's code.

Come in out of the cold to see the work of our featured artists, and creations from all our talented artists in The Gift Shop.
When you come be sure to see the exhibits currently in our galleries. "Michigan Annual XLII" and "Perspective:Detroit".
This is the last week to see "Perspective: Detroit" in our Community Gallery on the second floor. Don't miss either one! They are both full of the work of our own Michigan artists.

Monday, February 16, 2015

More new artists at The Gift Shop

When you remember all the unique gift choices you found at Christmas Market 2014, you will be happy to know that 16 of those talented artists have decided to be part of The Gift Shop!
They come from a wide range of artistic disciplines including: glass, art dolls, pottery, jewelry,wall art,soap, scarves, puppets, and cards. I will highlight each one in the coming weeks.

Let's get started. Its time to "Meet the Artists"!

Ann Marie Mannino creates wall plaques many with a special emphasis on Detroit.

Ann Marie Mannino (MANN)

Thomas Mitchell makes beautiful, functional, and striking pottery.
Thomas Mitchell (MIT)

Diane Kline creates cards, tags, and gift bags. Each hand-made and special.
Diane Kline (KLI)

The letters in the parentheses show each artists' code. A code is on each piece of work in The Gift Shop. Find the code and you will know who created the work.

Come in to see these "new" artists, and the favorite artists you have come to know.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Gift Shop artists are in current shows

Congratulations go out to all artists who were chosen for the current shows here at Anton Art Center, "Perspective: Detroit" open now through Feb. 27, and "The Michigan Annual XLII" open now through March 3.
Here at The Gift Shop, we are especially proud that several of those chosen artists are currently, or have previously had their art here.

Darren Dundee has work in both shows, and in The Gift Shop!

Darren Dundee  "The Michigan Annual XLII"

Darren Dundee  "Perspective: Detroit"

Darren Dundee (DUN) This piece is currently in The Gift Shop.

Audrey Long has her ceramic art in "The Michigan Annual XLII", and in The Gift Shop (She is also the clay instructor at Anton Art Center).

Audrey Long "The Michigan Annual XLII"

Audrey Long  (AL)  pottery currently available at The Gift Shop. 

Pat Everett is an accomplished painter who has work in "Perspective: Detroit"  and here at The Gift Shop.
Pat Everett  "Perspective: Detroit"

Pat Everett (EV) painting currently in The Gift Shop.

Debbie Lee's waterscape was chosen for "The Michigan Annual XLII". Although not currently in The Gift Shop, she has sold her photographs here for many years.

Patti Pfaendtner's piece was selected for "The Michigan Annual XLII". She has had her work in Christmas Market for years.

Terry Bossick had this lovely pastel chosen for "Perspective: Detroit". Terry has previously had his work in both Christmas Market, and The Gift Shop.

 Terry Bossick "Perspective: Detroit

Come in to see these wonderful shows, and to check-out The Gift Shop. They are each full of art created by Michigan artists!

Monday, February 2, 2015

New print artist at The Gift Shop

We have a new print and greeting cards artist and here at The Gift Shop.
Her name is Mino Watanabe (WAT). Her work is enchanting, whimsical, colorful, and oh-so-frameable!
Pictured are prints from her "Vegetable Series".

She has also brought in greeting cards with her "Vegetable Series", and those pictured below which I think have a certain mythological feel.

I am sure you will agree that Mino's work is beautifully drawn, and quite wonderful.

Come in to see her work.
While here be sure and check out our current shows here at Anton Art Center:
"Perspective: Detroit" , and "The Michigan Annual XLII". The work for each of these shows is exceptional, and all art is created by Michigan artists!