Saturday, July 27, 2013

Who doesn't like Soap?

Soap at The Gift Shop is anything but ordinary.

Add color, a lovely fragrance, and pretty packaging, and you have an easy gift. Maybe you just want to have that new fragrance in your own soap dish.

Want to make it fun for you kids wash-up? Try giving them "Kid Soap". It's soap with a toy inside. Your kids get a prize just for getting clean - and the soap smells good! Beware: adults also like this soap. It's like a good joke every time you grab that bar.

Update to the change to our walls. We recently asked our 2D / wall-art artists to refresh their work. We hung the new pieces, and had sales right away! Change can be good.

*These are the last days of our 20% off for members sale. Don't forget to check us out for your gifting needs.

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