Monday, May 19, 2014

Unique, Handmade Garden Art

I think we can safely say that Spring is here to stay! Now is the time to think about sprucing-up your outdoor spaces.
Here at The Gift Shop, we have fun and colorful choices for your yard / porch. Birdhouses, feather fish, birdbaths, toad houses, and metal sculptures to add that personal, artistic touch. We have hanging glass and metal dangles to add movement and sparkle to the garden.
And don't forget to add art to your porch or sunroom. Our 2D artists have created a wide array of choices for those wallspaces.

You will be spending more time in your outdoor spaces, why not add a touch of art, color, whimsy, and joy.

Now its time to ..............................Meet the Artists!

Darlene Bosman  (BOS)

Tom Crimboli  (CRIM)

Audrey Badaczewski  (BAD)

Ortencia Wayner  (WAY)

The letters in parentheses are each artists' code. Look for that code to know which artist does what.

Come in and check-out all the great selections here at The Gift Shop, and remember to "like" The Anton Art Center on our Facebook page!

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