Monday, December 14, 2015

Clay, Wood, and Glass at "Happy Holly Days"

Let's talk about clay, wood, and glass. What is it about these mediums that we are so drawn to them, especially when they have been used to create art? I think it is because they are each so organic, so elemental.

Here at "Happy Holly Days" we have some really exciting works created from clay, wood and glass.

We have an entire room devoted to pottery. There are beautifully glazed bowls, dishes, cups, service-ware, and vases.

The colors, and variety are seemingly endless. All the work is so tastefully displayed, your design 
choices are made for you!

Our wood artists are  very clever at bringing out the beauty in the grain, color, and texture from each piece.

  Some are purely decorative, while others are very functional.

Our glass selection is so beautiful. Whether a piece is glowing in a window, or sparkling on a shelf, you just know how special it is.

I have highlighted clay, wood, and glass...but we have other "organic" works of art. Lovely polished and beaded gourds, hand-woven baskets, twig furniture, and wonderful mosaics created with natural materials. 

The last day of shopping at "Happy Holly Days" is December 23. Come in now and experience our unique gifts, and festive atmosphere.

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