Monday, August 3, 2015

Bright, Beautiful Summer jewelry

When the artists brought more work to The Gift Shop this summer, they also brought in more jewelry, with the accent on light and breezy...just right for Summer-wear. Of course we always carry a rich variety of styles, from classic to bold, delicate to funky, colorful to neutral...but our Summer jewelry offering is special.

The bracelet rack shows a few of our Summer styles. The artists are (in order): Carrie Kaminski (KAM), Sara Perron (PERR), Nancy Young (YOU), Martha Millis (MILLI), Judith Levitt (LEV), Jeanne Krause (KRAU), and Anita Wood (WOOD).
(Remember, the letters in parentheses after each artist's name show their code. When you see that code on work in The Gift Shop, you will know who created it.)

Come in and see our "New" Gift Shop. You are sure to find something here you simply must have for yourself, or as a gift for someone else. We will highlight more Summer jewelry will be next week.

While at The Gift Shop, be sure to see the current exhibits here at Anton Art Center:  "Members Only: 45th Anniversary Show" , and  "Emerging Artists 2015" .

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