Thursday, March 16, 2017

Baubles, Pebbles, and Purses

Baubles, pebbles, and bright hand-made purses are in the spotlight this week at The Gift Shop.
Our featured artists are: Connie Babinchak, Jay Lozen, and Rosie Kiley.

Connie Babinchak (BAB) is a new jewelry artist fresh from Christmas Market 2016. Her pieces are very pretty, and are offered in sets.

Next is a brand new artist to The Gift Shop, Jay Lozen (LOZ). Jay decorates ordinary objects with bright, colorful pebbles, turning them into art pieces with an organic look. Jay has told us that he finds and polishes each pebble!

Now comes Rosie Kiley (KILE). Her hand-crafted purses are as well made as they are attractive and versatile.

(Remember, the letters in parentheses after each artist's name show their code. When you see that code on work in The Gift Shop, you will know who created it.)

Come in soon and see the work of all our talented artists.

Showing now at Anton Art Center:
2017 Macomb County Annual Secondary Student Show  featuring the artwork of our own Macomb County Secondary Students. This popular show opens March 11, and runs through April 8. You will be inspired by the works of these young people!

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