Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just for Fun!

Art can be whimsical, silly, and just plain fun! Here at the Gift Shop we have artists with a sense of humor. Today we will look at the playful work of Arlene Breiling, Connie Sochacki, Daren Dundee, and Nancy Garcia.

Arlene Breiling (BREI) has worked in many different art mediums, from Abstracts to Zentangle, and just about everything in between! Currently we have her fun fabric-covered journals. Each one is unique, and you can replace the paper tablet when you have filled it up.

Connie Sochacki (SOCH) creates the most imaginative art dolls. Here is her latest "Spider Lady", complete with her own web, and wearing her heart on her sleeve!

Daren Dundee (DUN) is a sculptor using found objects. They are so very clever! Pictured is his piece titled "Springtime in the Rockies".

Nancy Garcia (GAR) has tried her hand at different art mediums. Pictured are her samples of "Kid Soap".
Each fragrant soap has a toy embedded inside, so kids get clean...and get a prize!

(Remember, the letters in parentheses after each artist's name show their code. When you see that code on work in The Gift Shop, you will know who created it.)

Come in and see what FUN you can have at The Gift Shop.

Showing now at Anton Art Center:
Self Portrait Show May 30 - June 28. Located in our upstairs Community Gallery, this show exhibits selected works from members of the Mount Clemens Art Association, the Lakeside Palette Club of Saint Clair Shores, and the Warren Tri-County Fine Arts Association

Palette and Brush Club Show   June 13 - August 25 in the main floor galleries. This show features selected artwork by members of the Palette & Brush Club of Southfield : Jan Gongloff, Shirley Gower, Colleen Hilzinger, Deborah K. Marvin, Kristine Olson, Olga T. Pawlowski, Diane L. Radtke, Lisa Richter, Sharyn Scharman, Ev Schwartz, Fran Seikaly, Nancy Slutsky, Rose Marie Starke, Donna Thibodeau, Billie Thompson, and Marcia M. Tournay. Juror Edward Duff.

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