Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Gift Shop "Artist of the Month"

Irma Reinboth is the "Artist of the Month" for August here at The Gift Shop.

Irma Reinboth (REI) was born and raised in Mount Clemens. She has been painting in oils for many years. She recently began painting directly onto wood using dye, and then embellishing with oil pen or ink, in a process known as: "Wood Batik". Irma learned this process from a well-known Hawaiian artist named Ricky Pa.
In her own words: " I love seeing how each painting I create is going to turn out. The grain and hardness of  each piece of wood takes the dye differently, making every painting unique."

Framed 8x10  "Blue Cheek Butterfly Fish"

Framed 6x11 "European Robin"

Framed 8x10 "Michigan Oriole"

Framed 6.5x11 "Western Scrub Jay"

Framed 6x11 "Yellow Warbler of Oklahoma"

Come in soon and see these lovely, vibrant paintings for yourself.

Showing now at Anton Art Center:
Palette and Brush Club Show   June 13 - August 25 in the main floor galleries. This show features selected artwork by members of the Palette & Brush Club of Southfield

Romeo Guild of Art Members Show  July 8 - August 31, 2017. Featuring artwork by members of the Romeo Guild of Art

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