Monday, July 21, 2014

Cards can become framed art

Wall art can be very subjective, especially when you are thinking about the size of a piece. Maybe you can start small.
Here at The Gift Shop we have cards created by our talented artists that are suitable for framing. Tuck one into a space too small for a painting or print, hang several and create a motif, open yourself to the possibilities!

Here is a great example of a frame-worthy card from Winnie Chrzanowski  (CHRZ).

Come in and be inspired.

Now it's time for................ Meet the Artists (with an emphasis on cards as frame-worthy art)

Diane Bowman  (BOW)

Jaqueline Brooks  (BROO)

Pat Everet  (EV)

Gloria Goeddeke  (GOE)

The letters in parentheses indicate each artists' code. Find the code on the piece, and you will know which artists has created it.

See you soon.

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