Monday, July 28, 2014

New at The Gift Shop

We are always getting new art and gift items here at The Gift Shop. New artists, new work from our current artists, and fresh new displays.
The latest new artist is Tom Need. He has created great-looking and functional Oriole bird feeders. Orioles are attracted to the color orange, and they love grape jelly. Just fill the glass cup with grape jelly, and watch for Orioles.

Tom Need  (NEED)

Gail Sondej is one of our most popular jewelry artists. She makes lovely pins from ribbon. Her latest offerings are in soft pastels and summer-bright colors. Aren't they pretty?

Gail Sondej  (SON)

Now it's time for more of ...Meet the Artists

Anastasia Chamiok  (CHAM)

Michael Bowman  (BOWM)

Catherine Firbach  (FIR)

Irma Reinboth  (REI)

The letters in parentheses are each artists' code. Find the code, and you will know which artist created what.
Come in soon and see our great selection.

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