Monday, August 25, 2014

Original Wall Art

Wall art can add personality to any room. Whether it's a painting, photo, collage, fabric hanging, print, or wall sculpture, the artists here at The Gift Shop have an original piece that will be just right. Set the right mood with color and texture. Make a statement with something bold or edgy. Do you have a chosen theme? We have a piece here that will compliment your design.

Some examples of our wall art on the West wall of The Gift Shop.

Now it's time to .............Meet the Artists, with an emphasis on our wall art selection.

Constance Powell  (POW)

David Dinsdale  (DINS)

James Williams  (WILL)

Hilda Havlik  (HAV)
The letters in parentheses show each artist's code. Find the code and you will know who created which piece.

Visit soon, and while here, don't forget to see the truly memorable exhibit currently at Anton Art Center Ian Hornak: A Hometown Retrospective until Sept. 5.

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