Monday, August 4, 2014

Our ceramics artists are so creative

Ceramic pieces have always been a big part of the art represented  here at The Gift Shop. The artists offer unique, creative, and very clever pottery work. Whether you are looking for a functional serving set, a fun piece as an accent, or something more whimsical as a special gift, you should see our selection.
Seen below is a lovely piece by Lynn Conlen  (CON).

Now it's time for.......... Meet the artists (with the accent on ceramic art)

Nancy Dresser  (DRE)

Linda Kaluza  (KAL)

Gayle Krause  (KRA)

Harold Swanson  (SWAN)

The letters in parentheses represent each artists' code. Find the code and you will know which artist has created what.
Not only can you purchase fine ceramics from The Gift Shop, you can also take a class at Anton Art Center and learn to create your own ceramics. Current class schedules can be found at: The Art Center classes .

Hope to see you soon.

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