Monday, March 9, 2015

Meet more artists

The Gift Shop is very lucky to have attracted so many talented, creative people. More and more of our Christmas Market artists are choosing to join The Gift Shop year round. Let me introduce you to four more: Jim and Barb Rudis, Michelle Teno, and Rick Shapero.

Jim and Barb Rudis combine their talents to make striking mosaics. They use various materials, including wood, glass, tiles, and stone.

Jim and Barb Rudis (RUDI)

Michelle Teno makes decorative goat's milk soap. She uses the most interesting molds, almost too nice to actually use as soap!

Michelle Teno (TENO)

Rick Shapero does some very creative things with glass. He uses brilliant colors, and flowing shapes in his work.
Rick Shapero (SHAP)

Just to remind you... the letters in parentheses show each artists' code. Find the code on a piece of art, and you will know who created it.

Come in to see these works, and so much more here at The Gift Shop.

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