Monday, March 16, 2015

Prints, glass, and pottery at The Gift Shop

We're not done yet!
For the past weeks, I have been focusing on artists from Christmas Market who have decided to be part of The Gift Shop all year round. This week the spotlight is on Mary Jo Beranek, Alysa Marie Diebolt, and Audrey Long.

Mary Jo Beranek has participated in Christmas Market for many years, so you may recognize her brilliant prints and cards.
Mary Jo Beranek (BERA)
Alysa Marie Diebolt is a glass artist. Pictured is one of her beautiful creations.
Alysa Marie Diebolt (DIE)
Audrey Long makes beautiful pottery pieces. Her glazes are brilliant!
Audrey Long (AL)
Just to remind you... the letters in parentheses show each artists' code. Find the code on a piece of art, and you will know who created it.

Now that the weather has gotten more pleasant, come to downtown Mount Clemens. Stroll around, have lunch, and (of course) come to Anton Art Center. Shop The Gift Shop and check-out the student artwork on exhibit now in the "2015 Macomb County Annual Secondary Student Show".

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