Monday, April 20, 2015

Collage and assemblage artist at The Gift Shop

We are so happy to welcome artist Patti Pfaendtner to The Gift Shop. Patti has been a popular regular at Christmas Markets, now you can find her work year-round here at The Gift Shop!

                                                           Patti Pfaendtner (PFA)

Patti's works are quite unique, from pretty to mystical, and some that are a little bit edgy.
The pieces we have are examples of her wall art assemblages. She employs found objects, vintage elements, collage and distress techniques, and lots of imagination!

Here is another of Patti's pieces. Each is very detailed, and thought provoking.... there is alot going on in each finished work.

Come in to see Patti's work, and all the other interesting, creative, fun, functional, and beautiful art we have here at The Gift Shop.

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