Monday, April 27, 2015

The Gift Shop is for the birds!

Bird watching is such a popular hobby for so many people, and Spring in Michigan is especially sweet for them. Here at The Gift Shop we have some hand-made, unique, and artful gifts for birds...and the people who love them.
How about a bright hand painted bird house from Mary Tassone?

Mary Tassone (TASS)
Here is a very clever bird house in the shape of a trailer from Darlene Bosman. Several styles are available, including a "woody" trailer.

Darleen Bosman (BOS)
Bird feeders are another way to show your "bird love". Here is one from Tom Need. The bright orange color is designed to attract Baltimore Orioles. Fill the glass dish with grape jelly and watch them go for it!

Tom Need (NEED)
(Remember...the letters in parentheses after each artist's name show their code. When you see a that code on work in The Gift Shop, you will know who created it.)

Come in and see these gifts for birds, and so much more at The Gift Shop.

While you are at Anton Art Center, be sure to check-out the newest exhibit in the upstairs Community Gallery : "2015 Student and Faculty Show". The work of the talented people who teach classes here at Anton, and the work produced by their students is showcased in this exhibit.
Look and see what you could be inspired to create by taking classes at Anton Art Center. Check out the Summer class schedule  and pick out a class for yourself!

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