Friday, February 26, 2016

Wonderful Wall-Art at The Gift Shop

Here at The Gift Shop we have always offered a wonderful array of wall-art. This year we have 2D artists fresh from Christmas Market 2015 including: Abigail Davidson, Sandra DeBose-Howard, Roselyn Rhodes, Eric Simmons, and Kelly Wojdyla-Gray. We also welcome Kathryn Bruce, a 2D artist new to The Gift Shop.

Kathryn Bruce has brought in a variety of alcohol ink decorated tiles in vibrant colors and designs.

Decorative tiles from Kathryn Bruce (BRU).

Next is print artist Abigail Davidson. Her works have a fun, whimsical quality. She also creates greeting cards from her original designs.
One of Abigail Davidson's (DAVI)  prints.
Three examples of Abigail Davidson's (DAVI) greeting cards.

Sandra DeBose-Howard creates some stunning, colorful acrylic art work.

One of Sandra DeBose-Howard's (DEB) vibrant abstracts. 

Roselyn Rhodes paintings are so classically beautiful.

One of Roselyn Rhodes' (RHO) oil paintings.

Kelly Wojdyla-Gray has a number of nature themed prints, and original paintings here at The Gift Shop.

Here is a sample of the work of Kelley Wojdyla-Gray (WOJ).
Eric Simmons has some very iconic and interesting work on display.

A portrait of Helen Morgan by Eric Simmons (SIM).

(Remember, the letters in parentheses after each artist's name show their code. When you see that code on work in The Gift Shop, you will know who created it.)

Today, Friday Feb. 26, is the last day to see the current exhibitions,  Michigan Annual XLIII  in the main galleries, and Primary Color  in the Community Gallery on the second floor at Anton Art Center.


  1. My floral paintings and prints are at the gift shop too!

  2. I am glad to know about this gift shop. Those paintings looks really amazing and I appreciate the talent of the artist behind this work. Roselyn Rhodes oil painting is brilliant.