Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mino is back at The Gift Shop

Here at The Gift Shop, one of our favorite 2D artists is Mino Watenabe. Her prints are richly detailed, and colorful, often depicting the myths and fairy tales from her native Japan. They have a dreamy and lyrical quality, just beautiful. One of her recurring themes is fairies in the garden.

Here are three examples of her numbered prints.
A garden fairy in the asparagus patch from Mino Watanabe (WAT).

A depiction of a Japanese myth from Mino Watanabe (WAT).

A beautiful forest fairy by Mino Watanabe (WAT).
Mino's cards are just as wonderful, duplicating her prints on a smaller scale. They are each just as frame-worthy as her prints.

Two examples of cards created by Mino Watanabe (WAT).
Mino has won awards for her work, including the "People's Choice" award in the 2015 Members Only show here at Anton Art Center. Come in and see her work for yourself.

Have a Happy, and Safe Fourth of July!

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