Thursday, June 9, 2016

More Father's Day Gifts from The Gift Shop

We here in Michigan are so lucky. We are surrounded by the Great Lakes, and are abundant in local lakes and waterways, so there is a good chance that the man/men  in your life would like a gift that is water-related.
Here at The Gift Shop we have many artists who create some very unique gifts with that subject in mind. Among those artists are: Lynn Conlen, Robert Mowry, Elizabeth Martin, Roselyn Rhodes, and Darlene Bosman.

Lynn Conlen is making some very interesting works from clay. Here she has evoked a nautical theme with this clever lighthouse piece.
Ceramic lighthouse from Lynn Conlen (CON).

Robert Mowry specializes in iconic photos from Detroit, and Michigan. Here is a lovely picture he took of a "Sunrise on Grand Traverse Bay".

A serene sunrise photo from Robert Mowry (MOW). 

Elizabeth Martin works in clay and fabric. This over-sized "Fishtown" pillow she has embellished could be just what your man may need to be more comfy!

A comfortable pillow made by Elizabeth Martin (MARTI).

Roselyn Rhodes has brought us some wonderful paintings and prints. "Morning Sail School with Red Buoys" is one of her giclee prints with a sailing theme.

A lovely print from Roselyn Rhodes (RHO).

Darlene Bosman is one of our favorite ceramic artists, and you can see why when you see this clever fish plate. Perfect as a Father's Day B.B.Q. serving platter.

A clever fish platter from Darlene Bosman (BOS).

(Remember, the letters in parentheses after each artist's name show their code. When you see that code on work in The Gift Shop, you will know who created it.)

While you are here at The Gift Shop be sure to take a look at our latest exhibits here at Anton Art Center. "The Art of  Dance" is currently showing in the 2nd floor Community Gallery, and "Soliloquy" is in the main galleries. Both are worth seeing!

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