Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer on the Water

What is more refreshing in summer than time on, near, or in the water. Of course here in Michigan we are blessed with so many waterways, large and small.
Here at The Gift Shop, we have some lovely artwork that reflects the joy and serenity of life near the water. This week the works of Hilda Havlik, Catherine Firmbach, Roselyn Rhodes, Robert Mowry, and Marianna Defer-Pfeifer are featured, each piece with a "Life on the Water" theme.

Hilda Havlik is a photographer with a great eye for composition and atmosphere. Here is just one of her photos. It shows kayaks on a beach.
A photo from Hilda Havlik (HAV).
Catherine Firmbach is another one of our talented photographers. Pictured is a beautiful sunset on the water.
A photo of a sunset on the water from Catherine Firmbach (FIR).

The paintings of Roselyn Rhodes are so beautiful and evocative. Here is a Glicee print of her painting of sailboats on the water.

A lovely print from Roselyn Rhodes (RHO).

Can you possibly have too many photos of sunrises/sunsets on the water? Here is a really pretty photo from Robert Mowry of just that.

"Sunrise on Grand Traverse Bay" from Robert Mowry (MOW).

Marianna Defer-Pfeifer is a gifted painter, and painting instructor. Here is a calm scene of Lake Michigan that Marianna has created.

"Lake Michigan" by Marianna Defer-Pfeifer (DEF).
(Remember, the letters in parentheses after each artist's name show their code. When you see that code on work in The Gift Shop, you will know who created it.)
Beat the heat here at Anton Art Center. Visit The Gift Shop, and check-out the exhibits now showing in the galleries. Student & Faculty Exhibition 2016  in the Community Gallery on the second floor through Aug. 31.
Members' Exhibition 2016 is in the main floor galleries through Aug. 26. Vote for your favorite piece of artwork from the show (voting is open to all).

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